Muamalat Interactive Game (MIG)

Muamalat Interactive Game (MIG)

“If your are searching for Islamic Finance knowledge-based interactive tool”
“If you want alternative method in learning Islamic Finance”
“If you experienced learning Islamic Finance difficult and bored”
“If you want your students to be more engaged with real practices”

We have the answer…

MIG or Muamalat Interactive Game is the 1st in the world provides interactive and hands-on learning for Islamic financial contracts and provides monthly transactions of personal wealth management and financial planning.

MIG is a simulator in Islamic banking and financial products contract process.

It provides hands on experience to the players on Muamalat and retails Islamic financing facilities and financial management.

It is also unique where the winner is the one who can exempliy being moderation in their financial activities between demands of worldly (duniawi) and in hereafter (ukhrawi).